About H18 Foundation


We have been in operation since August 2016, as a Social Upliftment Programme, providing training for unemployed ladies in Joe Slovo, Milnerton, Cape Town, in the craft of Crochet.

The materials are supplied and the finished products then purchased back from the ladies. A safe and comfortable space is provided, with on-site training and supervision. Since inception over 150 ladies have been empowered, and moved on to full-time employment, we currently have 25 ladies working at the Foundation.  

Our skilled ladies can manufacture bespoke items in large quantities in a short period of time, and with our stringent Quality Control processes, your dream items become a reality.

Our goals are to grow the manufacturing side of H18 Foundation with new and innovative products and provide skills training for the ladies in administrative processes so that they can run and manage the Foundation themselves. Ultimately leading to sustainable growth and development of the Foundation into a successful self-sustaining company.

‘When you empower a woman, you empower her family, community and nation’